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Principal Investigator


Dr. Christine Till

I am a clinical neuropsychologist and Professor of Psychology at York University. My lab focuses on determining how early life exposures to environmental toxicants are implicated as underlying risk factors for emerging morbidities in childhood, including ADHD. My research applies epidemiologic approaches and a biopsychosocial lens to identify risk and protective factors for children’s health. My goal is to conduct research that can be used to optimize maternal-child health and the health of future generations.

Together with a highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary research team, our research aims to fill gaps in knowledge about health-related effects of environmental exposures to neurotoxicants. Our work strives to advance the measurement of environmental exposures and their potential health effects by taking into consideration factors that may increase vulnerability, such as timing of exposure, psychosocial stressors, nutrition, and sex-related differences.

I currently serve as the principal investigator for two population-based cohort studies funded by NIH and CIHR. These include the Maternal Infant Research on Environmental Chemicals (MIREC) and the New Hampshire Birth Cohort studies. This work is specifically examining how exposure to fluoride in gestation and infancy impacts learning and behaviour in children. My research is also examining mechanisms of fluoride neurotoxicity by assessing the endocrine-disrupting potential of fluoride. This work is evaluating an array of thyroid hormones and comprehensive measures of fluoride exposure, including tap water samples and dietary intake information, to better understand sources of fluoride exposure. To make informed decisions about the safety of water fluoridation, we need studies looking at sensitive endpoints in the most vulnerable populations.

Current Students

Our Team

Tracy Headshot_2016.JPG

Tracy Fabri

Graduate Student

Clinical Neuropsychology


Rivka Green

Graduate Student

Clinical Neuropsychology


Sietske Berghuis

Post-Doctoral Fellow


Meaghan Hall

Graduate Student

Clinical Neuropsychology


Carly Goodman

Graduate Student

Clinical Neuropsychology


Ana Radmilovic

Graduate Student

Clinical Neuropsychology

Support Team

Jana El-Sabbagh, BSc

Lab Manager

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