Children in Indoor Playground


Dr. Till's primary research interests related to children's environmental health, clinical neuropsychology, and neurodegenerative disease. Read more about ongoing and active research below.


Impact of early life exposure to fluoride on children's learning and behavioural outcomes

    • ​We are interested in understanding neurobehavioural outcomes related to early life fluoride exposure, mechanisms underlying neurotoxic effects, exposure measurement, and much more
    • ​We are currently conducting studies examining both prenatal and postnatal exposure to fluoride on child behavioural outcome using a New Hampshire birth cohort (NHBCS), different Canadian population-based cohorts (e.g. MIREC, CHMS) as well as a large birth cohort from Mexico City (ELEMENT)
    • See here for information about our current Canadian research on fluoride neurotoxicity and here for information about our current research in the US

  • The relationship between fluoride exposure in pregnancy and thyroid function

  • Fluoride in tooth dentin


  • Clinical and MRI correlates of cognitive functioning in children and adolescents with multiple sclerosis (MS) and acquired demyelinating disorders

  • Longitudinal modeling of cognitive changes associated with pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis and acquired demyelinating syndrome