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Tracy Fabri, MA


Research Interests

I am incredibly interested in and passionate about furthering research in pediatric neuropsychology. Specifically, examining neurodevelopmental outcome following insult to the developing brain in pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis (MS). Another area of interest is neurocognitive outcomes following brain injury.


For my Master’s thesis, I examined the co-occurrence of deficits in social cognition and memory impairment in patients with pediatric-onset MS. The primary aim of the research was to determine if an association exists between memory and social behaviour (i.e., successfully identifying emotional states) on a computerized neurocognitive battery. A secondary goal of the research was to better understand the neural networks that may contribute to deficits in these outcomes, specifically encoding and retrieving social information. Given the role of the limbic system in successful retrieval of impressions for others, we aimed to identify if amygdalar and hippocampal volume mediates the memory-social behaviour relationship in pediatric-onset MS.

Tracy Headshot_2016.JPG

PhD Candidate

Clinical Developmental Program

Clinical Neuropsychology Stream

Other Interests

Although I enjoyed dancing competitively for many years, I now look forward to spending my recreational time with my niece and nephews, cooking and watching medical- and comedy-dramas.

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