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Research In Action.

Knowledge translation is a crucial part of any research program. Research produced out of the Till Lab has been used internationally to discuss the safety of fluoride. Additionally, Dr. Till and lab members present to various organizations and groups as part of their knowledge translation efforts.

Lord Reay delivers a speech in UK Parliament against water fluoridation. Research from Dr. Christine Till's lab is used as part of the evidence to compile his argument.*

*The content in this video does not necessarily reflect Dr. Till's views on policy relating to community water fluoridation. It is being presented here to show how our research is being used in practice.

Health authorities have promoted community water fluoridation for the past 75 years to reduce dental caries. The safety of fluoride in vulnerable populations, like pregnant women and infants, however has not been studied until recently. This video describes the history of water fluoridation and presents recent research that found fluoride is toxic to the developing brain.

This video was made in partnership with Little Things Matter.

Dr. Christine Till presents some of her research on fluoride and the developing brain to the Rotary Club of Calgary.

Dr. Christine Till presents at PPTOX on Perinatal Vulnerability to Fluoride: Why the F* in Formula?

Other Attention.

Considering the safety of fluoride is one of the most controversial and contentious areas of public health, it's no surprise that Dr. Till's research program examining the safety of fluoride has gained widespread attention that spans the globe. Her research has attracted interest from international agencies, including Health Canada and the Environmental Protection Agency, and has received significant media attention generating more than 240 news stories and reaching over 5 million followers on Twitter. Dr. Till is dedicated to conducting high quality research with the best available data so that the risks and benefits of fluoride during pregnancy and in early development are balanced. For a list of news articles published, click below.

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