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Allya Da Costa


Research Interests

My research interests include multiple aspects of clinical developmental neuropsychology related to children, adolescents, and families who have experienced, or are currently experiencing, the neurodevelopmental and/or psychological effects of living with brain-based disorders, such as pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis, pediatric stroke, etc. I am also extremely passionate about investigating children's environmental health, specifically the effects that neurotoxins may have on children's neurodevelopmental outcomes. As a student hoping to pursue postgraduate studies in clinical developmental neuropsychology, I am eager to conduct research that informs pediatric neuropsychological interventions and public policy, so as to meaningfully contribute to individuals' lives. 


In the lab, I am currently working on projects related to the effects that multiple neurotoxins may have on children's neurodevelopmental outcomes as well as on the effects that fluoride may have on the developing brain. 


Other Interests

During my spare time, I love knitting, exploring nature, watching psychological thrillers, and spending time with loved ones (i.e., humans and dogs alike)!

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