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Child Psycholgist

A neuropsychology lab at York University

The Till Lab is dedicated to understanding the effects of environmental exposures and neurodegenerative diseases on the health of children.

We are passionate about conducting meaningful research.

It is well known that insult to the developing brain can have profound long-term effects. The Till Lab research program focuses on exploring the neuropsychological impacts of two types of insults on the developing brain – chemical exposures (e.g. fluoride, pesticides) and neurodegenerative diseases in children (e.g. multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases). Our lab applies a biopsychosocial lens to understand how insults to the developing central nervous system can interact with protective and risk factors and ultimately contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders. 

Our Research Areas.

Children's Environmental Health

This work applies epidemiologic and toxicologic approaches to address health risks associated with prenatal and postnatal exposures to environmental toxins.

Child at Psychologist

Clinical Neuropsychology

This work focuses on factors that play a role in limiting the clinical expression of demyelinating disease, such as multiple sclerosis, in childhood and adolescence.

Our Work Is Supported By.

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