It is well known that insult to the developing brain can have profound long-term effects. The overarching aim of our research is focused on the neuropsychological impacts of two types of insults to the developing brain – chemical exposures (e.g. fluoride, pesticides) and neurodegenerative diseases in children (e.g. multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases). Our lab applies a biopsychosocial lens to understand how insults to the developing central nervous system can interact with protective and risk factors and ultimately contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders. 



Congratulations Meaghan Hall for a successful Master's Thesis Defense! 

Congratulations to Meaghan Hall & Carly Goodman for receiving Ontario Graduate Scholarships!

Congratulations to Dr. John Krzeczkowski for receiving the Best Poster Award for the  the perinatal epidemiology theme at the 2022 Canadian National Perinatal Research Meeting (CNPRM).

Congratulations to Elisea De Somma for a successful in-person dissertation defense on May 19th!  

Congratulations to Meaghan Hall and Carly Goodman for being awarded The Meighen Wright Foundation Maternal-Child Health Graduate Scholarship ($10,000)!

Hearty congratulations to Emily Barlow-Krelina for a successful oral dissertation defense on February 17th!  Onward to the next stage!  All the best at Holland Bloorview in your new position!

Congratulations to Rivka Green for matching at SickKids Hospital for her clinical internship!

Congratulations to our graduate students, Meaghan Hall and Carly Goodman, for their LaMarsh Graduate Student Research Awards ($3000).

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