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Rivka Green, MA


Rivka at LW conference.jpg

PhD Candidate

Clinical Developmental Program

Clinical Neuropsychology Stream

Research Interests

My first research interest in the field of neuropsychology was neurodegeneration and cognitive deficits in the developing brain. Specifically, I am interested in studying subclinical cognitive impairments involving temporal integration in pediatric patients with neurodegenerative diseases, such as MS and NMO.

I am also interested in environmental health and particularly, the effects of neurotoxins on mental health across development. For my Master’s project, we will be looking at the potential effects of prenatal and early postnatal exposure to fluoride through water fluoridation on cognitive and behavioural performance in childhood. Since the developing brain is particularly vulnerable to neurotoxic exposures, we will be exploring sensitivity windows, such as in utero, infancy and early childhood, all critical periods of brain development, which may be affected by low levels of fluoride exposures. Our studies include Canadian and Mexican populations and we hope that our findings will influence health policies to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes in youth!

Other Interests

When the weather permits, I enjoy golfing, swimming, water sports and being outdoors! I also like TV dramas, especially medical themed shows, and traveling to new places with family, friends or my lab!


In The News

Watch this Facebook Live recording where Rivka Green discusses the findings from her article published in JAMA Pediatrics about fluoride intake in pregnancy and associations with IQ.

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